Most Advanced Office on the Planet

Work better together

Google Apps helps you and your colleges work smarter by making it easy for everyone to get things done. Partners, Clerks and client can collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations. This can also be done outside the Court Room is needed as the system is fully mobile.

Built into Google Apps is the ability to edit many file types – docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more – in real time.  At first this idea seems old hat however programs you’ve used in the past had to be SAVED  Google hasn’t got a save button for most things as your files are constantly saved in real time.  Stop time-wasting with emails flowing forward and back creating multiple file versions; storing all of your documents in the cloud lets everyone automatically access the latest version of any file. A technological breakthrough that eliminates lost work, and the stress attached to those problems

Work together in real time

With a couple of clicks and every member of your team has access to the right version of any document, spreadsheet or presentation, secured by arguably the best privacy controls on the planet. One the same document everyone can jump in and make edits at the same time. You can also see who is making the changes and there is a tracking system to remember whom did what and when.