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Freedom to Run

In this rapidly evolving Internet Age, the Business World is changing at Light Speed, and those businesses that don’t keep up will get left behind. FREEDOM OFFICERS can not only help SMEs to keep up with Large Enterprise – we can help you to GET AHEAD of them!

Once upon a time, only Large Enterprise could afford the latest Cloud-based marketing, accounting and operating systems. Today, FREEDOM OFFICERS can supply the VERY LATEST Cloud-based operating systems at an affordable price. In fact, FREEDOM OFFICERS can supply Cloud-based operating systems that are MORE ADVANCED than many of those currently utilised by Large Enterprise. Burdened by large bureaucracies, many Large Enterprises take forever to approve and implement new Cloud-based operating systems, with the result that many are now not up to date.

FREEDOM OFFICERS is a Specialist Unit of highly-trained Software Efficiency Experts who operate on the cutting edge of the latest  Internet technology.
FREEDOM OFFICERS know that SPEED is of the essence and can quickly train your staff to implement the very latest, affordable cloud-based business operating systems that will GREATLY SPEED UP your operations, REDUCE LEAKAGE and MAXIMISE YOUR PROFITS.


Stabillity & Security

As a provider of software and services for many users, advertisers and publishers on the Internet, we recognize how important it is to help protect your privacy and security. We understand that secure products are instrumental in maintaining the trust you place in us and strive to create innovative products that both serve your needs and operate in your best interest.

Inbuilt Software Training

We are proud to introduce to Australian a rather innovative training system fresh of the cable from the United States. In-Browser training, as yet unseen, although once you give it a go we know you'll love it. Can be turned on and off instantly so it will not get in the way and is always there when you need it.

Parrallel Installation

As Cloud based systems operate on the cloud the entire system can be set-up next to your fully operational old system. Our experience has demonstrated many times over this is the desirable path of installation as it takes the pressure of you the system owner and also removes any long or short term detriment should installation not travel as smoothly as desired.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business Vastly superior that old hat Office. At first you may think it will take too long to learn it. Think again, the simplicity and share ability of these industrial strength applications let you do way more in significantly less time. TWO or MORE people may work on a document at the same time which has until now not been possible.~^*

Can’t they just get along?

Bill Gates has got to be joking, even his own staff are saying they're only a 2 act show. Take all of the problems you've had with Microsoft before then times that by 100, cause that's what your going to get. "Throwing good money after bad"! Google Drive lets you KEEP YOUR EXISTING SOFTWARE and still be on the cloud, loud and proud.*

Mobile Office

Google Apps have been designed from the ground up to operate on any Android device. In fact the most of the functionality is standard with the Android operating system, we just move it up a couple of gears to get your business mobile. Mobility is something that makes sense when you need to send an email and can't find a computer terminal or maybe even change the wording of a text document. Wait until you see what's possible, you may never have to go back to the office again.